Which Milk is Best for Children in USA

For all caring parents who want the best for their children, there’s that need to continually check what their children take into their stomach. And this is required from infancy, when they needed extensive monitoring. This includes the baby formula they consume when they are not on exclusive breastfeeding. Many mothers are glad that their baby has clocked the legal age where cow milks can be substituted for breast milk. So sure you are anticipating for the big switch, but many mothers in the US might still wanna know precisely “which milk is best for children in USA?”

For long, many moms who want the best for their children have always been searching for the best milk for their children. We sincerely commend these mothers; it shows the length at which they show there continual love for the well-being of their children even if it will cost them a reasonable amount of money.

DO you reside in the States and you will really love to know the best milk mothers in America can get for their children. You don’t have to panic, we have compiled list of best milk for children in USA. We already know that any milk that will serve as an alternative for breast milk must be so close to the breast milk itself.

In our present day, concern on children are laid on weight, and lower cholesterol levels. So, any milk or baby formula that does not lie within this range is not suitable for children. How would you now know which milk is the best for children going by these requirements?

Lets take a little trip to find out.

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Which Milk Is Best For Children In USA? Check Out List of Milks for Newborns and others

This list below are suitable for Mothers that are seeking for quality dairy products to meet their demand. Products mentioned below includes premium quality ingredients that is so close to the breast milk. These are:

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1. EnFamil Infant Formula

This is another thrilling formula that mothers in america and the rest of the world can sort for their children. This product has two vital compounds that is present in natural milk; Milk fat globule membrane and lactoferrin. What help does it render?

This product or baby food is suitable for the development of the baby’s brain. Additionally, children’s digestive system are well built up. That means that you have a guarantee that when you give your baby milk, you are feeding him or her with something close to your breast milk.

Any Enfamil products are sold at supermarkets, and orders can be placed online from the company’s official website. There is a guarantee that what you will get is the the best for your child.

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Which Milk Is Best For new borns In USA?


2. Similac Infant Formula

This baby food is owned by Alfred Johnson and marketed by Abbot laboratories. Its first release was in 1920 in the United States, now available in over 90 countries of the world. Similac is available in pro-sensitive, advance and pro- advanced formulas. Its main ingredient is OPTICAN- an exclusive blend of brain and eye nutrient for baby’s development.

We find this baby food affordable but the only turn off you might experience from this formula is the tendency to cause diarrhea for your baby.  It’s advised to feed your baby 3 times during the day and once at night because it will make your child to fall asleep often.

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3. Aptamil Baby Formula 

This brand of baby food is owned by Danone group, founded in 1921 in Germany. Today, Aptamil baby formula is sold in over 70 countries worldwide. It is available in first milk, follow on milk and growing up milk. It has vital nutrients that makes it closer to breast milk.

This baby formula is easy to prepare. It doesn’t smell, and most babies love it. It is a bit expensive compared to other formulas. We still recommend it to new mums as it has no side effects like constipation or reflux according to reviews from mothers.


4. Nestle NAN Growing Up Formula Product

Nestle milk products has been around for decades in the US, and they are have been exceeding in letting their products meet the demands of several classes of people. To stabilize that trademark, they developed NAN Growing Up Formula.

These products are suitable for children from around age 1-3. They are amazingly great for children of this age range. Interestingly, the NAN formula is in a powdered form. What are the constituents? Why can it be chosen for children?

The NAN growing product has iron that is vital for the baby’s life. Additionally, it has all the vital vitamins, and minerals that the baby needs. Moms can now be confident that they will get what they are looking for in a milk that is chosen for their children.

The product comes in a 400g tin can that has a firm plastic lid. This allow easy opening and closing, and the benefit derived from this is that, bacteria cannot move inside since the milk is properly closed; good lid designed for the tin keeps ants or germs from entering.

To get this product, you can visit any nearby supermarkets or visit an online stores where you can quickly place an order for any quantity of your choice. Nestle NAN is surely one of the best milk for children in USA.

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5. Cow and Gate Baby Formula 

Cow and Gate is a baby food owned by the Gates family and founded in 1771 in New York.  It is available in infant formula, growing up milk and follow on milk. I  do recommend this for babies six months and older.

C&G baby food has rich nutrients essential for your child growth and balance. It may cause constipation for your baby and doesn’t dissolve quickly. The price is average and affordable.

Which Milk Is Best For newborns In USA?


6. SMA First Infant Milk Formula

The is another product to be mentioned here that mothers can sort for their children in America. This will satisfy the quest of anyone seeking to know which milk is best for children in USA.  Over the past 90 years, SMA® Nutrition has invested in early life nutrition research.

SMA first infant milk formula is nicely reviewed as among the best milk to pick as a substitute for breast milk. Let us investigate into the SMA 1st infant Milk Formula, and see how rewarding it will be for moms to pick this for their children.

The SMA Milk has all key nutrients, they includes Omega 3 that comes with 6LCPs. This product also comes with Alpha-protein that will ensure that the baby grow to an optimum development level. How is the tin designed?

The SMA first infant milk tin is 450g that is designed to keep the product ever fresh. Be confident that you will get the best for your children. The preparation techniques are simple, and easy for any mothers to carry out. It is available in different types- SMA extra hungry, gold prem 1, SMA pro, and soya milk.

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7. Cerelac Baby Cereals


Here is another brand of instant cereal owned by Nestle Plc. It was developed by Henri Nestle to reduce infant mortality in the 1860’s. It is highly recommended for babies ( six months and older) as a first solid baby food and supplement to breast milk.

Cerelac can help your child develop a taste for other food as they are weaned with it. It is not an alternative to breast milk, and it’s strongly advised to continue breastfeeding your baby along with it. It contains vitamins, iron, and essential fatty acids and available in Cerelac Wheat, Cerelac Maize, and Cerelac Rice. According to some mums in Nigeria, the rice cereal can sometimes cause constipation and doesn’t last long. Cerelac is affordable, and quality is good. However, your baby might experience an allergy to the soy content in it.

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Conclusively, any kind and caring mother’s goal is to get the best milk or baby formula for their children. The above list on baby food in USA will give you that. Also, be on the look out for any newly improved milk that has iron, and all the necessary compounds that is highly essential for children’s brain development and their general well-being.

If these guides are strictly followed, the good well being of your children can be attained.

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