Truth About Coke- Why You Should Not Take It

How did you feel when you first read “truth about coke-why you should not take it?” Perhaps you wonder what sort of topic is this? Or you thought how would anyone titled an article this way? Well, whatever ill reactions you had when you first saw the topic, may I tell you that I possibly know why you felt that way.

Thinking about how refreshing taken either a bottle or bottles of coke is, you sure would have wondered why anyone would come about this topic.

The sweetness, and the satisfaction it brings to young and old could carry along the negative feelings you had reading this topic. But relax, there is much love and concern in this write-up. No brand tarnishing, but a keen concern for one’s health!

Cocacola has a gotten a very high level of brand recognition. What comes to mind when you see a bottle with a red colour? That’s cocacola, you would say! That is the power that cocacola drives. Another reason cocacola has been on throne for a long time is the price; it is cheap and affordable. So almost anyone can buy it-That is so great!

Undoubtedly, coke is a sugary drink. What does sugary drinks does to ones health? Sugary drinks have records to be a contributing factor to some health conditions like obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

You might still not be certain about how these drinks goes about these harms in the body. This article is positioned to give that insight, helping you see why you avoid sugary drinks and lastly, tell you the truth about coke-why you should not take it.

Truth About Coke- Why You Should Not Take It

Truth About Coke- Why You Should Not Take It

There are many sugary drinks being sold today that may have a potential damage to our healths. Yet, our focus is on coke specifically.

Here below are top reasons why you should never attempt to drink coke again.


1. Coke Contains Sodas

Although Coca-cola at a point downplayed this. Yet, it has not done away with the risk involved. Truthfully, there is no significant and pronounced benefits in taken this drink. The health related issues are so many to mention.

The soda contained in this drink has increase drinkers’ risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks. More to the points, the phosphoric acid in soft drinks have the ability to trigger tooth decay.

So do you think a constant consumption of coke will keep you smiling heartily, far be it! Therefore, when next you are willing to take a soft drink, think twice, coke isn’t just a perfect option for your health.


2. The Presence Of Toxin in it

Before sipping that chilled drink during a hot day, there is one thing you must consider. That is the toxins present in the drink. That bubbling brown contains toxins floating in the can.

The benzene in the content can damage the DNA in the body. Additionally, the toxins present in it can increase the risk of diabetes and being obese. Also the ice-cold you have guzzles inside is even considered to be a hot mess.

In view of these mentioned, it is safe to do away with consuming coke either taken it as a form of relaxation or the other way round.

The toxin in coke has a constituents called 4 Methylimidazole which when taken to lab for a test, it can cause lab cancer in rat.

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What Happens One Hour After Drinking Coke | Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Coke

We will explain below that will further strengthen your conviction not to give coke a shot again. If you have not even found reason not to, it will help in strengthening your conviction.

The intense sweetness in coke is due to its high sugar content present in the constituents. This content should make us vomit as soon at it enters the body, yet it wont because of the phosphoric acid which will dull the sweetness and as a result of that, it has gone down the body.

In just about 20 minutes of taken in the consumption, the blood sugar level will seriously increase explains naik.  This will result into the burst of insulin. What goes on next is that the liver will turn the high amount of sugar that is circulating into the body system to convert it into fat.  What happens next after another 20 minutes?

In the next 40 minutes, the body at this time will have absorbed all the caffeine from the drink that enters the body. This will lead to the dilation of the pupils and straight to increasing in th blood pressure. By then, the adenosine receptors in the body that prevents fatigue will have been blocked.

Just 45 minutes after, the production of dopamine will drastically increase and thus become very high. And this dopamine is a neurotransmitter that aids in controlling the pleasure in the body system, and reward the brain center.

When the way coke stimulates this brain center is investigated, it is seen to be same to the effect of heroine; that leaves you with the quest of wanting more.

Finally, just about an hour of drinking, the sugar crash would have began.  This will result into an irritation and drowsiness.  Additionally, the water from the coke you drank will have been taken away from the body when you urinate. The water will move along the vital nutrients in the body.

That is the hazard that go with the drinking of coke. Watch other drinks too to make sure that you are  not taken a wrong substitute. What is now your resolution?

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After a comprehensive explanation about how unhealthy it is to keep consuming coke as a beverage. The choice is up to you, either to go ahead, and keep drinking or to limit the intake.

Each time you are at the stage of contemplating either to drink coke or not, remember, you risk having diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

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