Seven (7) Anti-Aging Super Food You Need To Start Eating Now

This article takes a closer look at top seven (7) anti-aging super food you need to start eating now, as in right now, just sit back and read on.

Aging is an inevitable biological process, which has to do with health deterioration and eventually death. However, there are some unique foods that can prevent premature aging and as such elongate life span.


Seven (7) Anti-Aging Super Food You Need To Start Eating Now

Here are the top anti-aging fruit and vegetables you should incorporate into your diet.

1. Watermelon


Reddish fruits like watermelon, tomato which are rich in beta carotene and lycopene increase your protection against harmful UN ray from the inside out. Both vitamins settled in skins outer layer where their antioxidant action helps repair cells damaged by sunlight.

2. Hemp


Some people will shout “Indian hemp” yes Indian hemp, The Omega-3 Fatty acid in herm help your skin retain moisture so that your skin look perpetually beautiful take a spoon each of lemon juice. Pine juices and shelled hemp seed into a blender with a little cup of hemp-seed oil a chopped garlic clove a pinch of salt and ½ cup of fresh basil leave (scent leave). This mixture tea in the morning will provide skin a healthy and beautiful skin.

3. Pumpkin Seed

Score your dose of vitamin with another powerful skin protector by snacking on almonds or pumpkin seed “A lack of vitamin E can influence the quality and texture of your skin without it, your skin is at greater risk of damage from free radical” if there is plenty of vitamin E in the membranes of cells exposed to free radicals, Vit E will take the brunt of the attack and protect the fatty acid that surrounds all the intricate working inside each cell.

4. Cucumber

The peel of the supper-low caloric fruits is made of silica, a building block of skin – plumping wrinkle preventing collagen. There’s no recommended minimum intake for silica but experts suggest at least 5mg a day. The amount you will get in the peel of one cucumber.

5. Citrus Zest

Eating as little as tablespoon of citrus family each week may reduce risk of skin cancer by nearly 30% lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit. Contain di-limonene. A potent antioxidant known to reduce skin cancer risk “says Imam Halan M.D., of the Arizona College of Public Health. Use a zester to scrape the peel (not the bitter-white pith underneath) and add a pinch to salads, smooth or marinades.

6. Fish

Fish is an abundant source of Omega-3 fats which help prevent cholesterol build up in arteries and protect against abnormal heart problem hence make you look healthier.

7. Olive Oil

Anti-Aging Super Food

Four decades ago, researchers from seven countries study concluded that the mono-unsaturated fats in olive oil were largely responsible for the low rates of heart disease and cancer on the Greek Island of Crete. Now we know that olive oil also contains polyphenols, powerful antioxidant that may help to prevent age-related diseases.


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