Nigerian Foods: Health Benefits Of Local Dishes in Nigeria

If someone tells you that intercontinental dishes are nice, there is no objection, they are. How about the local dishes in Nigeria? Get it straight they are nicer. I mean our local dishes makes great taste; local dishes differ from country to country however. But our article today is checking into Nigerian foods. The mentioning of Nigerian foods is not the only goal, but highlighting health benefits of local dishes in Nigeria is also a goal to be fulfilled.

Who needs this article? Simply put, everyone! It includes, those living in Nigeria, those living outside Nigeria, those planing to make a tour to Nigeria very soon, those willing to visit a Nigerian restaurant outside to eat out. All these categories of people needs to know at least the best of Nigerian foods, and health benefits of  these local dishes in Nigeria.

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Nigerian Foods And Health Benefits of Local Dishes in Nigeria

To get the most out of your reading, I have categorised the local dishes in Nigeria into three. The first one is the Nigerian soups, the second is the Nigerian swallows while the last one is the Nigerian drinks. Believe me, you will enjoy what you are about to read.

Nigerian Soups

Most times, soups are saviours. What does that mean? A particular swallows might not likely be prepared well, but when the soup is nicely prepared, the flaws in the swallow prepared becomes less noticeable if not completely gone. We will be looking at five top Nigerian soups that has the power to get rid of the flaws in your swallows due to their great taste, and alongside it we will mention their health benefits. Very certain, Nigerian soups features among list of delicious meals in Africa.

1. Egusi Soup

This is a commonly known soup in Nigeria. The soups is prepared with melon and apparently the reason for the name. The meal has in it protein and fats. Also it has vitamin A and C. It boosts good vision, strengthen ones bone, and the formation of teeth.

2. Oha Soup

Oha soup is a great soup that is commonly prepared in the eastern part of the country. It is made from the blending of cocoyam, and the addition of oha leaf. Oha soup is rich in magnesium and vitamin B6. Compounds that is very good for patients with high blood pressure, lungs and heart diseases.

3. Edikang Ikong Soup

This soup also gets its origin from the southern part of Nigeria. The soup comprises of vegetables, pumpkins, onions and tomatoes. Other ingredients can be added by chefs’ discretion. The soup is highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids which gives clear sight, reduces risk of arthritis, rheumatism and stroke.

4. Ewedu Soup

The soup is made from the ewedu leaf and apparently the reason for the name. This is highly rich in dietary fibres. This is great for treating gonorrhea and fever. I recommend that you read on How to Treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases | Naturally and with Antibiotics.

5. Bitter leaf soup

Bitter leaf soup is rich in antioxidants that is capable to fight off cancer growth. Additionally, many patients with diabetes, kidney, and fever uses this leaf for a functioning of their health.

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Nigerian Swallows

The second category is the Nigerian swallow. The word swallow is a generic name for carbohydrate foods that is often accompanied by Nigerian soups. I will be discussing five popular swallows that makes the best meal for Nigerians.

1. Garri

Garri is a by-product of fermented cassava. After fermentation of cassava into garri, some of the carbohydrates are converted into protein. The other process in which it goes through makes it satiety choice.

2. Fufu

This is also another swallow that is a by-product of fermented cassava. However, the process involved in is not as rigorous as the garri explained above. The process can either involve pounding or all preparation done on the cooking gas. The meal is a rich source of carbohydrate.

3. Amala

Amala is a by-product of either cassava or yam. The cassava and yam to be used is being sun-dried and then blended to make into powder. After then it can be boiled and turned to make it suitable for a great swallow. The carbohydrates in this constituents is great for the body.

4. Iyan | Pounded Yam

Iyan is generally known as pounded yam. The food is prepared by the cooking and pounding of yams. Ask many Nigerian men especially, they will tell you they can never trade pounded yam with anyone. In fact, most functions always employ stand-by pounders who will pound for people at the occasion.

5. Tuwo

This is the last part of the swallows that makes the list of Nigerian Foods, and the health benefits of the local dishes. Tuwo is a product of rice grain turned into swallows. It involves fermenting for days, blending into a thick paste and made ready for eating.

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Nigerian Drinks

The last part of this article is the Nigerian drinks. This section will discuss three most prominent local drinks in Nigeria. Feel free to read on Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Different Health Conditions.

1. Palm Wine

Palm wine is arguably the most popular local drink in Nigeria. Just when you sight a side board tagged ‘abe igi aanu,’ (beneath the mercy’s tree) then you could be sure that the spot is for selling and drinking palm wine. Another beauty regarding palm wine is that nearly all ethnic groups in Nigeria consume it. In fact, it is a drink sorted for during ceremonies. It is locally called emu, oguro and nkwu.

Palm wine is said to contain vitamin B12 and C which prevent cancer growth and enhances vision. Also for nursing mothers with insufficient milk, palm wine makes a good source of milk for them. It helps in the maintaining of glowing skin, hair, nails and cells.

Note: Palm Wine should never be taken in excess or else you risk damaging of body organ.


2. Zobo

Just like palm wine, zobo is a very popular drink in Nigeria. The other name for this drink is ‘Zoborodo.’ The preparation is made from Roselle plant. It is naturally red in colour. Many schools and function present to those who gathered for the event. It is enjoyed by students and adults. It is also best enjoyed when it is chilled.

The properties in Zobo prevent the formation of substances that can cause high-blood pressure. Additionally, those who intend to reduce their weight, drink Zobo to accomplish that. The constituents in it digest excess carbohydrates, and this leads to a significant weigh loss. The drink also has anti-inflammatory properties, and lastly beneficial for the kidney operation.

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3. Kunu

Kunu hails its popularity from the northern part of Nigeria, yet it is known in other part of the country. The drink is made from grains. The grains could be millet or maize. As sweet a drink, what are the health benefits?

The magnesium and phosphorous in it assist in repairing damaged body tissues. It also has a property called lignan and prevent growing of cancers. It also regulate sugar level, good for the heart, helps nursing mothers with milk production and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Have you been wondering why Nigerians looks strong? The secret is in the local dishes. Apart from it being delicious, they are powerful medicines to boost our healthy look. Take a try today and taste one out of the meal mentioned.

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