Local Herbs for Diabetes Treatment in Africa

Most likely you know little about diabetes, and you were told that when the pancreas in the body is not producing enough insulin, then a person is said to be diabetic. That is true, but I sure know that knowing what diabetes is, is fully not your concern. Your primary concern is to identify and know the local herbs for diabetes treatment in Africa.

Diabetes.co.uk mentioned in their post on Diabetes in Africa that “The number of diabetes sufferers in Africa remains uncertain, although and IDF estimate from 2000 put the figure at 7.5 million diabetic adults between 20 and 79 years of age. It is thought that this figure is now much larger”.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) and the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) estimate that the diabetes population will double over the next twenty five years in Africa.

With these estimates, there is an urgent need for African countries to manage diabetes among its citizens, considering the fact that they are already struggling to cope with the burden. This is why our article is focused on Local Herbs for Diabetes Treatment in Africa as well as how to prepare the herbal mixture for diabetes.

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Local Herbs for Diabetes Treatment in Africa And How to Prepare Them

There are numerous local herbs in for diabetes treatment in countries in Africa that is effective in managing the sickness in a broader ways. Whether you reside in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Algeria, Dr Congo, Ivory Coast, to mention a few, these local herbal remedies are effective for managing diabetes and they can easily sourced for within any African country.  Your attention in the article should focus on these natural and local herbs, the preparation techniques, and the constituents of the herbs.

NOTE: Local herbs for diabetes here can be used by those who are not diabetic to help them provide adequate glucose in the body and limit excess of blood sugar in the body.

The list below has the most effective local herbs that can be used for diabetes. The herbs are not regional based, they can be found at any part of Africa and the world at large.

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1. Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is botanically known as “vernonia amygdalina” is an effective local herb for diabetes. The bitterness contained in the leaf has the potency to reduce excessive sugar content in the body.

How to Prepare Bitter Leaf for Diabetes Treatment

  • Cut fresh leaves of bitter leaf, wash with clean water and drain well.
  • Add clean (drinkable water) into a clean bowl.
  • Add little water.
  • Pour the leaves inside the bowl and squeeze the leaves.
  • Filter to allow you remove the leaves particles from the juice
  • Drink the juice regularly; morning and evening.

Tip: You can eat bitter leaf raw, add to your soup or use the juice to prepare swallows like Eba


2. Mango Leaf

Mango leaf is botanically identified as magnifera indica. The tender leaf from mango has a compound called tannins. The tannins are able to treat early diabetes. Therefore, it is one of the effective local herbs for diabetes. Most especially for those with early cases of diabetes.

How to Prepare Mango Leaf for Treating Diabetes

  • Cut the tender part of the mango leaf from the mango tree.
  • Allow the tender part to dry, but do not spread in the sun, rather spread in a shade and allow it to be dried under a shade.
  • Blend the dry tender part of the mango leaf into powdered form and in a clean and well covered container.
  • Add half table spoon to your meal.
  • You can add to pap or water and drink.


3. Dongoyaro | Neem

Dongoyaro is known botanically as azadirachta indica. The use of dongoyaro as a local herb for diabetes is because of the anti-diabetic agent. Generally, dongoyaro is recognized with its bitter taste.

How to prepare Dongoyaro for Managing Diabetes

  • Cut the young leaves of neem (dongoyaro) and wash with with clean water.
  • Squeeze the leaf in a clean bowl after thorough washing of your hands
  • Filter the juice from the leaves.
  • Drink the juice first thing in the morning; on an empty stomach.


4. Ewedu | Jute Leaf

The jute leaf which is botanically identified as Corchorus olitorius is another effective local herb for the treatment of diabetes.

How to Prepare Ewedu (jute leaf) for Diabetes

  • Buy fresh jute leaf or cut from a garden. The quantity that you did desire.
  • Go ahead and dry, but do not sundry so as to prevent sun from extracting the nutrients.
  • Blend or ground it together as soon as you are done drying.
  • Place the grounded constituents in a clean and dry bottle
  • Add the constituents to your pap or beverages three times a week.

Tips: You can use the fresh ewedu leaf to prepare soup. You can do that at least thrice twice a week.


5. Basil Leaf | Efinrin

Another local herb that is making the list of local herbs for diabetes is the leaf locally known by the yoruba’s as efinrin and botanically identified as ocimum gratissimum. Basil leaf is to be used with basal pear.

How to Prepare Efinrin

  • Cut fresh leave of efinrin and that of basalm pear and wash with clean water
  • Squeeze the constituent with moderate water.
  • Drink the constituents three times a day.


6. Brimstone Tree

The brimstone tree is botanically known as morinda lucida. This has great effect when patients with diabetes use it locally. But how is it prepared?

How to Prepare Brimstone Tree for Diabetes Treatment

  • Cut the fresh leave of brimstone and add little leaves of bitter leaf to it.
  • Wash with clean water and squeeze well.
  • Filter it and save in a clean container.
  • Take a glass cup of the filtered brimstone and bitter leaf every day.

Tip: You can keep the juice inside the refrigerator.

7. Guava Leaf

Guava leaf is botanically refers to aspsidium guava. The guava leaf is to be used alongside the scent leaf in the ration 60:40 respectively.

How to prepare Guava and Scent Leaf for Diabetes

  • Wash both leaves in a clean water
  • Put them in a pot and allow boiling for 15 minutes.
  • Allow to cool, and drink the filtered portion regularly.

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What You should know

These are the list of local herbs for diabetes treatment. Therefore, if you are a diabetic patient, try any of the herbs mentioned here. However, for those who are not diabetic, and those who are willing to know the symptoms to identify if they are diabetic. These are what you should know.

Symptoms of Diabetes

If you have frequent urination, visit your doctor to test you.

If your wounds take a long time to heal

An abnormal quest for water.

Sugar ants trailing your urine.

Precautions to be Taken

Stay away from food that you know will have high level of sugar content and presence of processed carbohydrate. They can place you at higher risk of diabetes

Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and smoking. If possible quit the intake.

Avoid eating processed foods or meat.

Take part in a regular exercise.

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After reading through the local herbs for diabetes treatment in Africa, you should consider using any of them. After days or few months of using any of the local herbs here, make sure you visit the hospital to check your sugar level. You are doing this to be sure that you have changes in the sugar level and to prevent you from a low blood sugar level problem as well.

Finally, maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding foods and drinks that have the ability to foster diabetes.

Thank you.

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