How To Stay Healthy at Hostels in Nigeria

Hostel life is still considered by students who are in school or have graduated as an important part of the school life one should have a taste of it. Those who stays in hostels either male or female enjoy moments of freedom, meeting new friends. You won’t be chastised from making a mistake neither will there be questions about your whereabouts. These freedoms are great if they are modestly used. Hence there is a part that your freedom should never ignore, it is your health! So, how can one remain healthy in a boys or girls Hostel? Relax, we have the best tips on how to stay healthy at hostels.

Many students before leaving home for school enjoy a healthy lifestyle under the custody of their parents. They are being guided about what and how to keep constant habit, but all that could change when you get to the hostel. It is not all students that are well trained about health at home, and if all are trained, the training is not at the same scale. So living in a university hostel is a change of home. And you must know how to stay healthy in the Nigerian university’s hostel to stimulate a healthy lifestyle and avoid getting sick regularly.

This article will be sectioned in two parts; the male and female section and the common healthy practices on the part of both boys and girls. Both section will ensure that even if you are a university student or you are a parent, you can teach your ward how to stay healthy in the Nigerian university hostel.

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Common Practices on How To Stay Healthy at Hostels – For Boys and Girls Hostel

This section explains the common practices boys and girls must make their regular routine to help them keep a healthy lifestyle.


1. Drink Clean Water and Eat Good Food

You don’t just drink any water that you see. If the school source of water is not running efficiently. Then it is vital that you buy bottle waters or sachet water. Verify that the company where you are buying the water from have good reviews, so you wont contact ailments.

Drink enough water and eat good food, instead of spending your money on frivolities, buy good foods and prepare well to ensure that you assimilate well and most importantly, keep your health balanced.

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2. Keep Your Foodstuffs Well Covered

Neglect on the part of students who live in hostels could make them cultivate the bad habit of keeping their foodstuffs uncovered. The food stuffs are susceptible to be contaminated by bacteria and fungus. That said, use your locker well, keep the keys and make sure all food containers have fitting lids.

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3. Dispose Refuse Properly

It is synonymous to most hostels to look dirty. The problem start from not disposing refuse properly. In fact, a sachet of water not disposed properly could gradually accumulate into a debris. Therefore, make it a habit to dispose your refuse at the designated place to keep your surrounding free from breeding mosquitoes and other harmful bacteria. Learn to always use mosquito nets and read on the Best Herbs for Treating Malaria with Lemongrass, Pawpaw leaf, and Lemon Preparation.




4. Sweep Your Room Everyday

Sweeping is an integral part of an hostel that should be done. Sweeping reminds everyone the need for them to remain clean. Make a functioning roster and keep everyone aware when it is their duty to sweep next.

At times, you might need to do more then sweeping. You can mop the floor and clean the windows on a regular basis.


5. Clean Toilets and Bathroom On Weekly Basis

Toilets are easy places where germs could breed faster and easily. Since it is going to be a requirement to have the toilet cleaned after each use because of the number of hosteler using a particular hostel. Plus that, It is mandatory that the toilets and bathroom should have intensive cleaning every weekend.

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6.  Check For Bedbugs:

As soon as you get to the hostel, check your surroundings to be certain that there are no bedbugs can thrive on you. Aside that, when a new hostel mates is allocated a bed space in the room, always make sure it is being scrutinised.

If you are not sure that the surrounding is free from bedbugs inform the person in charge of your hostel, so that they can fumigate the area immediately.


7. Change Your Bed sheet Every week

How would you feel wearing the same cloth everyday for seven days without washing? Very unhygienic, right? That is just the way it sounds if you use a bed-sheet for a week without washing it. Remember that the use is more intense that the one at home. At home, you rarely use your bed for reading or entertaining guest except for few cases unlike in the university’s hostel where your bed sheet can be your reading table, where your friends sits when they come visiting or where you sit while waiting for you food to get done.



8. Abstain From Sex

Many a few students contract sexually transmitted diseases. The reason is simple most students who lives in hostel involve in sexual misconduct. But to keep free and retain a good health, abstain from sex. The best drug, the best approach. Abstinence is the key!

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How To Stay Healthy at Hostels in Nigeria

How To Stay Healthy in Male Hostels

Now the question is: How would you ensure you stay healthy in boys hostels? For male folks, there are basic approach that must be met; their main focus, in addition to what has been mentioned earlier should be to:

Change Your Under wears Daily

Under close monitoring of most good parents, they ensure that their sons under wears are regularly changed. Most boys could leave their boxers unchanged for couple of days; they result into heavy stinking and itching. This style can also affect other people who you both stay in the same room. Changing ones boxers or singlets instil in one a healthy lifestyle and limit the breeding of bacteria.

Make it a habit to keep your boxers, singlets changed every day. A move that would instil this successful practice is that you buy at least 5-6 boxers and singlets. When you do that, to change them won’t be a problem and you would wash them all during weekends even if you cannot do that each time you change.

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How To Stay Healthy Female Hostels

Keep Your Under wears From The Public

The girls at least 85% of them are to be praised for keeping close attention to changing their wears regularly. Yet, there is a common mistake from most of them. When they wash their under wears, they spread them outside where it can be seen. This is not hygienic at all.

When next you wash your under wears if there are no room for keeping them in the bathroom or elsewhere under the roof. When you hang them, cover them with a thick cloth, you can then keep them off germs and bacteria, and from the public sight.

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This approach is applicable is any tertiary institution, including Nigerian Universities. Therefore, wherever you are, apply these principles and use them. Teach your fellow hostelers the value of applying these basics and see the transformation. It will go along way to help all member of the hostels.

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