How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most despised pests on the planet. Not only do
they carry diseases, but they’re associated with a dirty environment. There
are home remedies for roaches that will act as a natural roach killer,
allowing you to turn on your lights and not fear that insect will skitter
across the floor. This article will show you how to get rid of cockroaches

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  1. Coffee Traps
    Coffee is something that roaches joy too. And all of those used coffee can be used for something – getting rid of roaches. You’ll want to use the coffee as a lure to trap the roaches and kill them. You’ll need A cup of coffee on white background. Coffee grounds
    Fill a jar with coffee grounds and add water so that the roaches will die. But cockroaches can breathe in water for 40 minutes, and if fully
    submerged, they can live for 30 minutes, so if you find them crawling out of the jar, here is another trick. Apply a few petroleum jellies to the inside of the jar so that the roaches can’t gain traction to climb out of the pot. Tactically, you will place the jars are
    Near home where roaches frequent.
    We recommend constant checking of these jars each morning to dispose of out the dead roaches. Take again, the process for a few weeks until you start to sees that no roaches are entering the jar. If the coaches did not lay eggs, you’d be roach-free.
  2. Bay Leaves
    Maybe you have a soft spot for roaches. Perhaps you don’t want to kill
    them, but you want to keep them out of your home. Bay leaves are a
    natural cockroach repellent – they hate the smell of them. Dry bay leaves on white background. Another significant benefit is that bay leaves aren’t toxic to humans, so you won’t have to be nervous were you place them. To begin with, you’ll require these:

Mortar and pestle
A handful of bay leaves. Nonetheless, you may not have a mortar and pestle available, so use a bowl and something to crush the leaves effectively. The back of a butcher knife can break dry leaves effectively. You can use your hands, too, but it will take longer. Just place the leaves in a bowl and crush them into a powder. This powder will be spread to areas where you know roaches are dwelling and possibly nesting.

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If you find it challenging to find bay leaves in the store, make sure to
check the Asian, Ethnic or Indian aisle to see if they’re available. This is
an Asian spice, and since the smell is overpowering to roaches, they’ll be
repelled by it. Cucumbers can also be placed around the home (slices or peels) as a repellent against roaches.

  1. Baking Soda and Sugar
    Baking soda, sugar, and a glass of water on black background.
    A simple yet effective mixture. Baking soda and sugar can help kill
    roaches effectively, and you’ll be able to notice a swift decline in the
    population as a result. You’ll need to know where the roaches hideout, so it’s essential to note where you’ve seen these pests before planting the bait for. Here Are what you’ll need to get started:
    Baking soda
    A bowl or cup
    Baking soda is not harmful in the same way as boric acid, and it will
    begin to mix with the roach’s stomach acid, causing it to die with time.
    You’ll mix equal parts baking soda with equal parts sugar (1/4 cup of each is a good start). Next, all you are required to do is to sprinkle the constituent in the areas that you’ve seen roaches. You’ll need to leave this bait out and repeat your sprinkling of the mixture often to make sure there is enough to kill the roaches Sugar isn’t the terminal portion of the mix, but it will work to attract the roaches.
  1. Boric Acid
    A bottle of boric acid on white background.
    Boric acid can be bought in stores or online, and this is one of the best
    killers of roaches, ants and a variety of other pests. This acid has been
    tested to be effective at killing cockroaches, and it’s one of the generally used remedies for this reason. However, Boric acid isn’t safe for consumption, so you’ll need to keep it out of reach of children and pets.
    Only a light dusting will be sufficient (too much, and it will be
    ineffective) Boric acid is not enough when wet The motive is to have the roaches walk through the boric acid powder,
    which is hard if the cockroaches are in tight corners or under the cabinets. Once you’ve placed the acid, the roaches will get it on their antennae, legs, and body. During grooming, the acid will be ingested, which will result in death for the cockroach.
  2. Rambo Magic Insecticide
    This insecticide is excellent if you purchase the original of it, Rambo
    magic insecticide is one of the best insecticides in Nigeria that eliminate mosquitoes in just a few minutes of use. Outside cockroaches, this insecticide work perfectly well in getting rid of other insects such as spiders, mosquitoes, ants, etc. The smell is a little friendly, unlike some dangerous high insecticides. Rambo Magic is one of the latest product of Rambo.

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