How To Choose The Right Shoe Size in Nigeria

When you are thinking of a shoe to buy, apparently, you will have fashion in mind, yet you cannot do away with other reasons including functions, and how to keep the shoe in the right shape. These are tied in the healthy benefits of the shoe you are thinking of buying. Therefore, for anyone buying a shoe at the shopping center it is a good question to ask: ‘how to choose the right shoe size?

Choosing the right shoe size might be more of plan, foreknowing what your right size is, and disallowing fashion to outwit other health factors to be considered. There are 10 steps you must take to help you know how to choose the right shoe size.

8 Steps to Help You Know How to Choose The Right Shoe Size in Nigeria

These guideline will help you in knowing the best approach  to choose the right shoe size.

Here they are:

  1. Shop During Noon

When thinking of shopping for shoes for whatever occasion you intend attending. In the morning, your foot might not have reached the expansive length. Thus expansion of your foot happens in a natural way during the day. This will mean that you will have reached the optimum expansivity level. Reducing the risk of buying an undersized shoe or an oversize shoe. When you want to buy the right shoe size, you had better be out in the afternoon. Comfort-ability will be guaranteed, and this will bring a lot of relieve to your feet when you walk.


  1. Take a Tracing as You Shop

As you intend to shop in the afternoon for better search that will get you the best shoe size, take a tracing alongside you. The tracing serve as a right shoe size. The tracing you took along will help you to choose the right size. When testing the tracing on the shoe of your choice, and you discover that the tracing does not fit the shoe. Maybe it is narrow or shorter, do not try it on your foot. It will now size you or if it does, it wont fit rightly into your size.


  1. Measure Out Your Feet

The salesperson will help you do that. They have measuring equipments that will help them measure so that the size can be known and ascertained. The salesperson will have to measure both of your feet. This must equally be done each time you intend buying a shoe so that you will be certain that your leg has not expanded beyond your presumed size. Body weight and age are contributory factor to the changes felt in the feet. An increase in the age and the weight gained must make you be determined to check your feet measured each time you intend buying a shoe.


  1. Try Wearing The Socks With The Shoe

Socks matters when it comes to buying shoes. It is important that the socks you will be willing to wear with the shoe be tried at the store where you needed it. If you have plenty of socks, you can go with the one you will love to wear with the shoe to the shopping mall. And if you do not even have one, you will do well to buy the socks you will be willing to wear with the shoe of your choice.

How To Choose The Right Shoe Size in Nigeria

  1. Try The Shoe on You

After you must have carried out the aforementioned together with wearing of the socks. Try wearing the shoe that fits the feet size and the tracing size. Stand on the shoe. When wearing, do it gently, make sure that some space are left at least about half-inch of space between  your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

This will give you the opportunity to press forward each time you walk in it. To be sure that you have that space left, you can wiggle your feet in it to ensure the enough space are created. Making sure that there is enough room.


  1. Insist On your Comfort Level

Sales person, manufacturers might tell you that a shoe will be right on you, they might just be reaching out to their own self fish interest. But ask yourself, Am i really comfortable? Will i have no problem using this shoe over a long period of time? Will it worth the buy? These are questions to ponder over that will enable you stick to your own comfortableness rather than trusting that of the sales person or the manufacturer. Insist that you want to be the real judge rather than letting them judge for you.


  1. Width And Length

At times, when buying a shoe, we might be too focused on the length alone. Although a focus on the length is fine, yet you should not neglect a focus on the width. If the width isn’t fitting or sizing your shoe, maybe it is compressing it, you must not buy it. You can request for the same brand with a perfect width for your feet. Be on the look out for both the width and the length of your feet. You will eventually solve future problems by doing that.


  1. Check the Material that The Shoe Is Made Of

This is the time to check on the material your shoe is made up of. If the upper part of the shoe is not soft and flexible, it will not fit the comfortability of your feet, in fact, it will mar it. Shoes that are designed of leather skin will have less irritation.

Shoes soles should get you the best in the sense that, they must be solid so that they can prevent you from slippery. Make sure that the shoe soles has a considerable reduced heel. That is, it is not too high to avoid falling.

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These steps provided should be followed strictly if you are keen about your health. In fact every reasonable people should care for their health. This will prevent you from having health issues. They are step by step guideline that must be strictly approached.

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