How Intermittent fasting may benefit people with MS

In multiple sclerosis, Intermittent fasting may benefit people with MS the immune system mistakenly attacks and harms myelin, which is the “sheath” that protects axons (or the projection that links nerve cells to one another and lets them communicate). This can result in muscle weakness, fatigue, coordination problems, and chronic pain.

How Intermittent fasting may benefit people with MS

So far, no cure has been developed for multiple sclerosis (MS), and available treatments focus on managing the symptoms.

Some suggest that specific dietary interventions could help with the management of MS, but as yet, there is insufficient research to lend full support to such claims.

Now, specialists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, and the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, CT, are testing the effectiveness of one dietary approach in the management of this condition: intermittent fasting.

According to study co-author Dr. Laura Piccio, “People hear these miraculous stories about patients recovering the ability to walk after they started on this diet or that, and everyone wants to believe it.”

But, she adds, “All we have right now are anecdotes. The fact is that diet may indeed help with MS symptoms, but the studies haven’t been done.”

After testing the effect of intermittent fasting on a mouse model of MS and obtaining promising results, Dr. Piccio and team conducted a pilot study on human patients to verify if the positive outcomes held strong.

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Diet style may influence symptoms

Initially, Dr. Piccio and colleague Dr. Yanjiao Zhou conducted research on a mouse model of MS. In this study, some animals were on a limited fasting regimen, in which they were fed every other day for a period of 4 weeks.

Another set of mice was allowed to eat freely over the same period. All the mice then received a type of immunization meant to trigger symptoms consistent with MS.

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