Herbal Remedy With Lemon Grass | Lemongrass Combo

Best Herbal Remedy With Lemon Grass, What to Use it With and Lemongrass combo

Long before now, lemon grass has been identified as a fever grass. Little did people understand that there are numerous benefits attached to this perennial plant that could be grown in the garden.

Lemon grass is useful for so many herbal remedies in treating series of ailments. Herbal remedies with lemon grass, and what to use it with is the focal point of this article. Let us begin with explaining what a lemon grass is.

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What is Lemon Grass?

Lemon grass is botanically known as cymbopogon citratus herb. This grass has thin and long leaves. The aroma from the leaves tells where the common name emanated from. It smells like a lemon with a sweet taste. The Indian and Asian countries have long been using this for medicinal purposes, and so are many countries welcoming the medicinal application.

The plant has a wide range of nutritional value. For example, lemon grass grass is a good source of vitamin A, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

Lemon grass is made available both fresh and dried. If not grown in the garden, a visit to the market will get you either of the two types. Yet, it will be more readily available if you can grow it in your garden.

However, despite the medicinal capabilities of the herb, it is also being used with some other ingredients? What are these other things lemon grass is used with? How can they both be applied and used?

To get answers to these questions, you are advised to pay rapt attention to point discussed here in.

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Lemongrass Combo

Lemongrass Combo – Lemon Grass Uses And What It is Being Used With

As expected, the best lemon grass uses as a herbal remedy, and what it is being used with are highlighted below. Here we go!


1. Lemon grass With Olive Oil- For a Healthy Skin

When lemon grass is used with olive oil, it makes sense for the skin. It alleviate numerous types of skin issues ranging from fungal infections and pores on the surface of the skin.

Lemon grass on its part has antiseptic, anti bacteria, properties making it suitable for treating skins infections. In a sense, it limits the growth of microbes and bacteria on the skin. These at a large scale keeps the skin off bacteria or fungal infections.

Additionally, lemon grass has astringent that maximally reduces pores, keeps skin firm and reduces secretion of oil the skin.

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How To Use Lemon grass With Olive Oil For Keeping The Skin Healthy

The acidic nature of lemon grass will require neutralizing it; that is where the use of an olive oil comes in.

Step 1: Lemongrass must first be neutralized with olive oil before use.

Step 2: Boil one-half cup of the lemon grass mixed with a cup of olive oil in water for five minutes.

Ste p 3: To prevent the skin from heat, it is advice able to allow the lemon grass mixed with olive cool off, for few minutes.

Step 4: The final phase is applying the cooled mixture on the skin.

Do these at least once or twice a week for a quick, and an obvious result.

Tips: For a more faster result, it is recommended that you drink the lemon grass at least twice a day it is beneficial for our health, and most especially for best results.

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2. Lemon grass with Turmeric Powder And Milk- For Healing Cold And Flu

The anti-bacteria and anti-fungal earlier mentioned to be present in lemon grass is also capable of aiding the body cope with cough and catarrh. In fact, it outstretched to other fever symptoms accompany cold. The present of vitamin C in the constituents gives the needed boost for the body to fight off infections accurately.

In tackling mucus and phlegm build up, lemon grass is effectively used too. Therefore an asthmatic patients can benefit maximally from this other functions the leaves has.

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The following are Steps to Take When Using Lemon grass, turmeric power and milk to fight cold and flu:

Step 1: You are advised to boil the lemon grass that has been freshly cut; It could be more than three strands.

Step 2: Add a teaspoonful of the turmeric powder together with a cup of milk. This should be in the same cup, i.e. the turmeric powder and the milk

Step 3: Pour the boiled water inside the turmeric powder an milk. The milk will suppress the negative impact, making it suitable for people of relatively low age.

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3. Lemon grass With Coconut Oil- to Treat Arthris Pain

Ailments like rheumatism, arthris, gouts, and so many other sickness can be cured with lemon grass herb.

Lemon grass is capable of handling joints related pain. It has anti-inflammatory, and pain reliving constituents that keeps the muscles relaxed, which in turn will eliminates joint pains.

Cyclo oxygenase is an enzyme that the anti inflammatory properties in lemon grass helps in suppressing the pain and aches commonly experienced at the joints.

In the making of lemon grass as herbal remedy for arthris pain, coconut oil is used alongside it.

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How Lemon grass is Used with Coconut Oil

Step 1: Lemon grass oil will first be mixed with coconut oil in the ratio 1:2.

Step 2: After a thorough mixing, the constituents can then be applied to the area where pains are being experienced.

Step3 : After rubbing well, you can leave for 2-3 hours before, you will eventually rinse with water.

Repeat this process for a few weeks until significant changes are felt, and th ache no longer persist.

Tips: For a more faster result, it is recommended that you drink the lemon grass at least twice a day. This is beneficial for our health, and most especially for best results.  

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Top Herbal Remedy with Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is largely used in traditional herbal medicine for various conditions.

Antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial

Lemon grass is an antiseptic herb. It is used in treating Staph Infections and combating Skin Infections. Lemograss is an effective wound wash. It is a natural insect repellent. Lemon grass prevents the development of insect borne diseases.

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Prevents body odor

The aromatic scent of lemon grass is used to control excessive sweating and body odor. The antibacterial action of lemon grass also neutralize the microorganisms that cause odor.

Improves body metabolism

Lemon grass stimulates body metabolism and prevents accumulation of unwanted fats thereby toning the body and helps in weight loss.

Lemon Grass is a diuretic herb

It stimulates the passing of body fluids flushing out harmful toxins.

Lemon grass relieves gout

The diuretic activity of Lemon Grass helps to flush out uric acid that is the primary cause of gout.

Combats bad cholesterol

Lemon grass has antihyperlipidemic and anticholesterolemic properties are useful in regulating the levels of Cholesterol in the body. Lemongrass reduces the LDL cholesterol and keeps the level of triglycerides under control.

Lemon grass is powerful antioxidant

It helps to prevent cancer by attacking the cancer cells while protecting the normal cells. The antioxidant activity of lemon grass prevents the oxidation of free radicals eventually  lowering  the risk of Cancer.

Improve bowel movement

Lemon grass is a good herbal remedy in treating gastrointestinal disorders such as indigestion, imbalance of good and bad bacteria and gastrointestinal parasites.

Pain reliever

Lemon grass has analgesic action that relieves pain from migraine and headache associated with fever, colds and flu. It is also used for back pain, rheumatism, sprains and other body pains. Here are 10 Fruits that can help you Fight Pain.


Lemon grass is used in baths or vapor scents, can revitalize the body and relieve the symptoms of jet lag, headaches, anxiety and stress related exhaustion

Useful for respiratory infections

Lemon grass is used to treat sore throats, laryngitis and fever and helps prevent spreading of infectious diseases.

Insect repellent

The aromatic and citrus scent of lemon grass is an effective insect repellent. It helps to keep pets clean of fleas, ticks and lice.

In Asia and Africa, Lemongrass is used as antiseptic, antitussive, and anti-rheumatic and to treat backache, sprains, and hemoptysis. Infusions of its leaves are used in alternative medicine as sedative, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory.

In some African countries, it is used to treat diabetes.

Source: Medical Health Guide

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Conclusively, going by the saying “health is wealth”, it is good to want to try them out if you suffer from any other ailments mentioned here.

How truly rewarding it will really be! However, if you are not battling with any of the aforementioned, You can share with friends or family relatives that is battling with this.

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