Health Benefits of Common Food Products in Nigeria

In every Nigerian home, there are some common products that you will most likely find whenever you need them. I know the same story goes with your home. All these products individually have health benefits that when used wisely and appropriately improve the users well being. Below are 10 health benefits of common food products in Nigeria.

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Health Benefits of Common Food Products in Nigeria

Peak Milk

Milk generally is beneficial for the body. Peak milk being one of the most popular milk product in Nigeria has a lot of goods that it does to us.

Here are some of the benefits derived from taking Peak milk;

  • It helps the bones. Our bones grow stronger each day but this is aided greatly by taking milk daily. The presence of vitamin D in milk especially in Peak milk help make kids bone stronger. Read on 10 Superfoods that make Kids Grow Faster.
  • Peak milk also helps reduce blood pressure in people. With the presence of potassium in Peak milk it helps greatly in reducing blood pressure.
  • Peak milk help in protection, and prevnting serious sickness like cancer. See Different Kinds Of Cancer Diseases here.
  • One other benefit of Peak Milk is that it also helps reduce depression.

Health Benefits of Common Food Products in Nigeria

De Rica Paste (Tin Tomato)

This is also one of the most popular tomato paste in Nigeria. These tomato pastes also have benefits attached to them when used. Below are some of the benefits.

  • De Rica paste is a good source of vitamin and this is good for keeping a Healthy body.
  • One other benefit of De Rica that people finds interesting is the fact that is has low sodium, low Fat, low cholesterol, low calories, and low saturated fat.


You might have seen some prefer cooking spaghetti to taking the popular household food, Rice.There are some many reasons why people do this. Below are some of them:

  • Spaghetti has reduced starch compared to other carbohydrate foods in the same chart with it. Especially, Rice.
  • Due to the low quantity of Glycemic index(GI) present in spaghetti, it helps reduce blood sugar.
  • Presence of folic acid helps women of child bearing age. Read on the 10 Most Healthy Food for New Mothers.

Golden Penny Semovita

Popularly referred to as semovita, semovita is one of the most popular swallow meals in Nigeria. Below are some of its health benefits:

  • Consuming semovita according to U.S. Dept of Agriculture help in reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer, and some heart diseases.
  • The presence of important Vitamin and iron help in general growth of the body.
  • It has ”health complex carbohydrates” that are low in cholesterol and fat.

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Maggi (All Kinds)

Also regarded as one of the most popular seasoning ingredient in Nigeria, Maggi contrary to general opinion has a bagful of goods it does to human body. Below are some:

  • It helps tackle Blindness. Since deficiency of vitamin A causes blindness, a cube of maggi can help reduce and stop blindness in children and adults.
  • The presence of iodine in maggi also helps in reducing brain damage.

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Sardine (Titus and others)

The popular can with few fishes inside.Sardine has lots of benefits that can be derived when consumed by humans:

  • It helps reduce inflammation and risk of diseases.
  • Since some vitamin and minerals are needed in the body, sardine provides this.
  • With its high level of calcium and vitamin, sardine help improve bone health
  • One good thing about sardine is that it helps defend against mood disorder and anxiety.

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Noodles (Indomie, Mimie, etc.)

There are several noodles makers in Nigeria which has made the product very popular. It’s hard to see someone who doesn’t know up to 2 types of noodles, but it’s hard to find people who know 2 health benefits. Here are some Health benefits of taking noodles:

  • It is very high in carbohydrate, a quantity that is good for the body.
  • Also present in noodles are the needed quantity of fats that help man survive each day.

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Cowbell (Other Milk And Chocolate Brands)

Cowbell! It’s arguably the most popular milk and chocolate product in Nigeria. It is one of those products that either with or without advertisement would still maintain a steady sale. Below are some of its health benefits:

  • The presence of 28 essential vitamins and minerals help in an unimaginable way to keep the body healthy. Guess you know less than 28 vitamins right? Presence of vitamins like Vit. A for eyesight, Vit. C for fighting infections, and Vit D that helps build strong bones are just few of the benefits of cowbell products.
  • Presence of calcium helps build strong teeth and bones.
  • Presence of natural vegetable helps in building up the body reasonably. Read on these Healthy Vegetables that keep the Doctor Away.
  • With the absence of cholesterol cowbell then become a source of very good protein.

Custard Powder

Custard is also one popular food in a Nigeria home. Compared to the popular pap, custard delivers better nutrient to the human body, this includes:

  • It’s been seen as a storehouse of vitamin which is an anti-oxidant that help combat free radical.
  • It also benefits the skin as it softens and moisturises it.
  • During pregnancy it helps develop the brain and nervous system of the foetus.
  • Custard also helps in preventing Asthma due to the presence of its high vitamin. See 3 Basic Steps during Asthma Attack Emergency First Aid Treatment.

Soya Milk

A plant based drink that is made from soaking and grinding of soya beans. You find it in most Nigerian homes too, and below are some of its benefits:

  • It help deal with cardiovascular diseases since it contain reasonable amount of fat, sodium and even protein.
  • Soya milk has also been known to prevent cancer, with the presence of high issoflaven, this is made possible.

Vegetable Oil (Kings Oil and others)

The last on the list is the popular vegetable oil used in all home. In every home either in small or large quantities, vegetable oil is used, and here are some of its health benefits:

  • It helps decrease heart diseases. Read on Heart Attack Emergency First Aid Treatment.
  • It helps reduce breast cancer especially in women.
  • It contains 100% fat, this is arguably the best source of fat needed in the body


Now that we have been able to discuss 10 of the most common food products in Nigeria,  and their health benefits, you can be sure that taking each of this reasonably will benefit your health. Remember, too much of everything is actually a systematic suicide, but in good quantity they are the best medicines.

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I know there are many more products that are popularly used by Nigerian. You will just permit us to stop here, so we can update this page sometime in the future. If you’ve found this post meaningful, do not forget to share. Also feel free to ask questions or add to the list of common food products in Nigeria. Thanks.

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