Best treatments for Rashes Around Your Private Part

Genital or Vaginal itching is a common problem often faced by both men and women at some point in their lives. If you are seeking for the best treatments for rashes around your private part, you have found a good place to perch.

There are so many factors that could be held accountable for vaginal and genital rashes that in turn leads to itching. It could be as a result of improper hygiene mostly common among men (when an underwear is consistently used without changing or washing it). Although improper hygiene could also result to rashes in some women, yet the higher percentage goes to yeast infection or an irritation due to chemicals, present mensuration pads that is used.

Itching can be severe transiting into pain in the vagina. For men, the aggressive rate at which you itch could likely result into sores. Thanks to the natural solutions that is abundantly present around us. They serve as home or best treatments for rashes around your private part.

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Best treatments for Rashes Around Your Private Part – Home Treatments For Genital or Vaginal Itching

It is noteworthy to appreciate the “home treatments” that is all around us today. They are readily available, cheap, and most importantly, an excellent alternatives to medications. Let us check into the home treatments that can be used.

1. Anti- Bacterial Talc

Anti-bacterial fights off bacteria around the private part that gave rise to the serous itching. It destroys the bacteria, and the fungal action around that region. The anti-bacteria talc is made available in two different varieties, namely: The herbal varieties and the medicated varieties.

The herbal varieties has a gradual effect on healing the affected area, but it is sure effective. But why use the herbal varieties when it is considered to be slow? It is mild on the body! Therefore, if you needed something that will be mild on your body, the herbal varieties will be the one to be sourced for.

Unlike the medicated talc sold in pharmacies, it is quick to eliminate bacteria on the genital part. But not mild on the body. If you are mostly concerned about a speedy reaction, I think, you will do well considering this.

How To Use The Anti- Bacteria Talc

Apply the talc generously to the vagina.

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Best treatments for Rashes Around Your Private Part

2. Garlic

Garlic has a very strong anti-bacteria substances present that can bring about relief to the rashes around the private part. The odour that garlic brings can truly be offensive, but the result to be attained worth more than paying attention to the smell. It is highly rewarding to try this powerful herb and experience a greater relief.

How Can Garlic Be Applied?

There are two basic forms involved when using garlics to treat rashes in private parts.

> Chew or Swallow 3-4 Cloves of garlics. If you are not comfortable with the smell, you had better swallow.

> Make another set of garlics into a paste and apply it inside a vagina and make sure it is being tied with a cheesecloth.

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3. Salt Bath

Salt bath involves a process of bathing with salt and water. The reason for applying salt is because, salt has a powerful antiseptic constituents. So, when salt is used in bathing, it will address the itching and get rid of the bacteria in the vaginal. It is advised that you wash your vaginal with a concentrated salt water at anytime the itching is felt. It will go a long well in bringing forth relief and prevent the bacteria from multiplying.

How Salt Bath Can Be Done.

* Fill the tub or a bucket with a warm water and add in it a half cup of salt into the bucket or that tub, whichever one is being used.

* Sit down in the bath tub in a squatting pattern and open your vagina with a hand to allow the concentrated salt water enter to kill the bacteria. If you use a bucket, you would have to sit in a squatting pattern and use a bowl in pouring saline water into the vagina that has been opened with your hand.

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4. Apple Cedar Vinegar

Similar to other home remedies that have been highlighted, Apple Cedar Vinegar has an excellent anti-bacteria and anti-fungal compounds. This makes it ideal to be used in dealing with rashes around your private part. It can completely remove the bacteria that causes the rashes.

Bacteria cannot feed in an area where the acidic content is high. Thus the application of apple cedar vinegar will make the vagina acidic and thus take care of the rashes. If it for a male, it can be appied around the area where the rashes are found.

How To Use Apple Cedar Vinegar

To obtain a maximum treatment of the rashes.

* Take about 2-3 tablespoons of an apple cedar vinegar and thereafter, mix it with a warm water.

* Wash your Vagina twice daily with the vinegar mixed with water.

The result is that, the mixture will kill off the bacteria and dry off the surface.


5. Bethel Leaves

Bethel leaves has no sugar or essential oils that gives rooms for the thriving of bacteria and fungi. Apart from having no constituents that can allow bacterias to thrive. Bethel leaves have excellent way of preventing the invasion of bacteria and fungi that gives rise to rashes around the private part.

How To Use Bethel Leaves

* Soaked an already plucked pieces of bethel leaves in salt water, and wash it thereafter.

* Remove the leafs, and then place it inside a kettle or pot, add reasonable amount of water, and then boil.

* Boil for at least 5 minutes, and allow to cool down. Wash the private part with the water.


You can squeeze a fresh bethel leaves, and then apply in a gentle manner to the area for 15 minutes. You can then wash off the private part where it has been applied.

Note: Practice this step for a complete two weeks in other to get the best result. It will take off the rashes.

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6. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a salvage for women with rashes around their private part, due to the presence of lactic acid that have the ability to control the PH balance of the vagina.

How To Use Yoghurt

* Use one 1 tablespoon of yoghurt to apply to the vulva and retain for 15 minutes. You can then clean with water.

* Gently pat it with a towel.

* Apply the intake of yoghurt into your diet.

Tips: These steps should be practised before bath and must be carried out 3-4 times on  weekly basis.

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