Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases

70 Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases

There are times when it might be smarter to use home remedies or natural treatments than pharmaceuticals. Sometimes herbs offer safer alternative. For example, Hibiscus tea (Zobo) gently lowers blood pressure. Likewise, peppermint oil has been shown to be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs for relieving irritable bowel syndrome, but without the often times dangerous side effects. Also, clinical studies have shown that ginger relieves morning sickness, sage can relieve a sore throat, and so on.

Advice on Use of Natural Remedies

This article is for the presentation of the historical uses of herbs and its contents are for use as alternative to medical treatment.

Never take any herb or health supplement without first consulting your doctor. Do NOT take any herb or supplement without your doctor’s consent if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant. Never give herbs or health supplements to children without first talking to their doctor.

If you are pregnant or nursing: NEVER take any herbs or supplements without first checking with your doctor! Also in this book you will read about the medicinal use of honey and Aloe Vera. Both are very good for treatment of common diseases and have nutritional values.

Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases

Here are a list of 70 health challenges and their home remedies for treating such ailment, infection, disease, etc.

  1. Malaria

Get a potful of lemon grass and lime, boil and drink a cup twice a day; children should take ½ of a glass cup twice a day. Or prepare Lipton tea, lime, lemon grass, pea leaf (Otiili), henna leaf (Laali), boil and add Alabukun Powder and take 3 times a day.

2. Sleeplessness

Mix undiluted honey with Aloe Vera juice, take half a cup before going to bed. Or get some bitter leaves squeeze and take half a cup before going to bed.

3. Tooth Ache

Mix undiluted honey with lime juice and apply two or more drops to the affected part of your teeth or get a wonderful cola and chew around the area, if impossible, grind and mix with hot and apply.

4. Typhoid

Get coconut husk, starchy water (omidun) and lime orange, boil together and take 3 times a day.

5. Enhancement of Man Power:

Buy a tin of peak milk, one local egg, mix together and stir well add half a pinch of alum powder and take.

6. Quick Delivery 

When pregnant woman is having a hard labour, get a bunch of draw leaf (Ewedu) and squeeze with the stem for once and let her take it; it will lubricate the system for easy delivery. It is also good for prevention from 6 months pregnancy.

7. Poisonous Bites:

Against Snake, scorpions, and other poisonous animal. Get 7 bitter colas, mix with 5 spoons of honey, milk, palm kernel oil, take as a single dose.

8. Worm infestation:

  Limes, lemon grass, dogoyaro, boil with pap water (starchy water) and take 3 times a day.

9. Ear Diseases:

Mix pure honey, salt and little worm water together, put 2 drops in each ear and pack up with cotton wool.

70 Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases…


10. Toilet Disease:

Buy garlic, scent leaf, ginger, palm oil, prepare together and apply on to the anus after bathing

11. Clipper Cancer:

This disease comes with a very big boil at the back of the head and it is easily contacted in the barbing saloon. Get 1 lime orange, cut into two and rub the juice at the back of the head.

12. Heart Disease:

Get 10 garlic and 10 onions, grind together and prepare with 2 litres of pure honey and take.

13. Mental Illness:

Such a person should boil mistletoe leaf and drink from time to time.

14. Pre-mature ejaculation:

Get soya beans and groundnut, fry and grind together sieve and take with pap or akamu.

15. Gonorrhea:

Buy African melon called ‘Bara’, cut into pieces remove the shaft and the seeds. Prepare only with the whitish part of it with lime juice for 12 hours and take a shot a day (note: it purges)

16. Heart Pains:

Make ginger your favorite.

17. Vomiting:

Always use scented leaf in cooking your soup, you can even squeeze it and take it.

18. Dandruff:

Get some engine oil, put on your scalp for 20mins and wash it away with warm water and soap

19. Boil (furuncles):

Tomato leaf, potash, beans, grind together and apply for fast bursting.

70 Best Natural Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases…


20. Throat problem:

Get a bitter seed called ‘Abere’, remove the husk and lick. Though it is bitter but cures throat problem fast. Do this for 2 days.

21. Leucorrhea:

Go to a Yoruba herbal woman that deals with selling herbs ‘elewe omo’. Ask for ‘Ajeobale’ root, bonni leaf, patanmo leaf, 3 colas, potash, alligator pepper, grind together and take with pap.

22. High Blood Pressure:

Collect many pear seeds; slice them and expose them to the sun to dry, then grind them very well and sieve. Put a tablespoon of the powder in your pap and take. Do not add milk or sugar.

23. High Blood Pressure and Chest Pain:

Buy a lot of garlic and ginger. Grind together and administer as you like, with pap, water, soup or tea. Avoid using sugar.

24. Mouth Disease:

To treat your palate and tongue. Mix honey and lime together, wash your mouth very well and apply in your mouth for some minutes and spit it out. Do this 3 times daily. Or boil some water with onions and lime juice and add salt. Wash your mouth with the mixture frequently.

25. Barrenness:

Collect bark of native kola nut tree, boil with water. Take half glass 2 times daily for 7 days.

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Get elephant shoes, cut into 7 places, make burning charcoal early in morning and (do this every morning for complete one week) then put one inside the fire of charcoal to make flame, use blade to expose the swollen part and place it on the flaming of the burning shoes.

27. Liver Purification:

Thinking about purifying your liver? You’ve got to chew 2 bitter cola a day, 3 times.

28. Purifying Blood

Stinging nestle is a fantastic leaf that purifies blood as you boil and take little by little.

29. Catarrh:

Mix two spoon of lime juice into 5 spoon of honey. Administer as a single dose.

70 Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases…


30. Cold and Fever:

Get 1 local egg, little lime juice and one Alabukun powder. Mix together and take once. Or collect a potful of lemon grass and boil. Adult should take 1 glass cup twice while children should take ¼ of glass cup twice daily

31. Typhoid Fever:

Get 2 unripe pawpaw, 2 unripe pineapple, 25 lime, 6 Lipton tea, 3 Alabukun and bark of mango tree, cut everything and boil together for 30 minutes with water. The 3 sachet of Alabukun should be added after 25 minutes of boiling. (Note: Avoid Alabukun if pregnant or below 10 years)

32. Fever:

Get starchy water (Omidun), N10 worth sugar, mix together and take as a single dose.

33. Yellow Fever:

Go to a Yoruba herbal dealer and ask for “Epo Ahun”, “Ata Wewe”, “Epo Pandoro”, “Ewe eegun eja”, “Ewe owu”, and “Jaganyin Orange”, boil together with pap water (Omidun) and take.

34. Acute Dysentery:

Take a glass of your own urine early in the morning, take it and it will stop.

35. Fibroid:

Ask for “Epo ishin”, taba (tobacco), “ose aladi”, “isu elu”, strong potash, alligator pepper, bum everything together and put “iyeru” as you burn, then take a little with hot drink once a day for sometimes.

36. Cough:

Buy original honey, get ¼ litre or 25d, get bitter cola, grind and put it inside the honey lick little by little.

37. Asthma:

Get original honey and mix with snail fluid, one unit of the fluid with 4 unit of honey to form syrup. Adult should take 3 table spoon 3 times daily while children 1 tablespoon 3 times daily.

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38. Tuberculosis:

Get ginger, garlic, and bitter cola, grind together and mix with a bottle of honey. Take 2 spoons 2 times daily for 1½ months.

39. Convulsion:

Get lime leaf, “Eru”, “Aridan” and the root of vegetable called “Yanrin” prepare together with local black soap and use to bath the baby. Or get onion, ginger, garlic and grind together and mix with palm oil. Give the child to take for immediate stop, and rub the garlic juice in the eyes and on the body. Or slice “sumeri” soak in water for 1 hour, then give the child to drink.

70 Best Natural Remedies for Treatment of 70 Common Diseases…


40. Nose Bleeding:

Get scent leaf and squeeze, put the leaf into the nostril and it will automatically stop the bleeding.

41. Nettle Rash:

Ask for “egbo ipeta, egbo isirigun, egbo inabiri, iruworo”, potash and alt. Pound together and take with your pap little by little.

42. Stomach Pains:

Cut 2 leaves of Aloe Vera into pieces, put in a litre of water for some hour then take a shot 3 times daily.

43. Hernia:

Sweet basil cent leaf, squeeze inside a pot called “ikoko oru” put “obu otoyo’ and keep for 3 days. Take a tumbler before breakfast once a day.

44. Pimples, Eczema and Ringworm:

Sulphur, broken bottle, gun powder (etu). Prepare together with palm kernel oil and apply often and often.

46.  Scabies, Rashes and Other Skin Diseases:

Get local black soap, lime juice, potash. Mix together and apply continuously.

46. Breaking Hair:

Mix honey with olive oil, the same quantity, warm it and treat your hair with it. After 15 minutes, wash it with warm water.

47. Low sperm count:

Grind soya beans with groundnut and add it to a prepared pap, drink regularly in the morning. Also eat roasted unripe plantain and carrots.

48. Diabetes:

A gallon of coconut juice, a tomato tin of bitter seed called “Abere” grind very well without shaft, sieve and put inside the coconut juice. Take little by little, 1 shot 3 times daily.

49. Fire Burns:

Collect mango leaves and burn to ashes, mix the ashes with water and apply the mixture to the affected area.

70 Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of Common Diseases…

50. Pile:

(i). Garlic, bitter leaf, scent leaf, squeeze together and take.

(ii) Get unripe plantain, roast to form powder put powder in your pap and take.

51. Skin Blemishes:

Ask a Yoruba herbal woman to provide you with “eepo ogano” ,”egbo egbesi”, “egbo ewon agogo”, “egbo botuje”, eepo poponla”, “eru”, “ewe arojoku” boil them together, drink and bath with it, for a week.

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52. Breast Disease:

Ask a youruba herbal woman all these, “egbo ifon”, “oju oro”, “ekuro oju ona”, “eso teteregun”, “ewe efinrin wewe”. Boil together and use to wash the breast.

53. Swollen Leg:

It is called Lobutu in Yoruba language so ask for “ewe tamolabiya”, “eepo orogbo”, “oje botuje”, “eru awonka”, pound together with local black soap, use it to bath the leg.

54. Menstrual Problems:

Get tender palm fronds called “mariwo”, squeeze thoroughly with little water and can be sweeten with salt, take half a tumbler two times daily. Take a week to menstruation period.

55. Bad Skin:

Mix honey with olive oil and put little of wheat powder or your favorite powder and rub on your body as lotion.

56. Blood Builder:

Buy a bottle of Coca-Cola and a tin of tomatoes, mix together and take, for quick recovery take twice a week. But for prevention take once a month.

57. Blood Tonic:

Collect plenty of pumpkin and garden eggs leaves; squeeze together very well to bring out the liquid content. Take one tumbler two times a day for one week. It forms natural cyanocobalamin and subsequently combines with hemoglobin to form red blood cell.

58. Cholera:

A shot of “ogogoro” local gin, tea spoon of salt and a tea spoon of sugar; mix together and take; it will instantly stop the cholera. Pregnant women should not take.

59. Home Sources of  Energy and Strength:

Buy a bottle of 7up soft drink, a tea spoon of salt and milk. Mix together and take.

70 Best Herbal Remedies for Treatment of 70 Common Diseases…

60. Conjunctivitis “Apollo”:

Apply your urine directly on eyes, 6 times daily for a week, it may be cured the first day, don’t be surprised.

61. Cataracts:

Get an Aloe Vera leaf, cut into pieces and put in little clean water then apply the juice directly in your eyes until the condition improves. You will obtain an excellent recuperative result, for Aloe Vera improves vision and eliminates cataracts.

62.Night Blindness:

This is due to lack of vitamin, a rich food such as dark green leaf vegetables fruits, milk, eggs, liver and kidney. They are wonderful for your sight.

63. Sight and Eye Related Problems:

If your eye is discharging mucus, itching or looking red. Mix honey and onions juice together and put 3 drops in each eye or mix eye liner with honey and put 2 drops in each eye. Or get the juice of unripe palm kernel and drop 2 drops in each eye.

64. Vitamin C:

To fight against invading bacteria, you need vitamin c to maintain a healthy blood stream, bones and go against infections. Get 5 different types of orange, extract the juice, mix together, put in a plastic and add unripe pawpaw for 1 day. Take half a cup before breakfast.

65. Epilepsy:

Early morning urine should be taken in the morning for some times, don’t forget the nutrient power of urine.

66. Giddiness:

Grind alligator pepper and “ahara” leaf together, and take with pap (akamu).

67. Bleeding in Pregnancy:

Ask for “gbejegi “leaf, “jokoje” leaf “amunututu “leaf, squeeze them together and take.

NB: Please visit your doctor, rather than taking this risky move.

68. Stomach Ulcer:

Get unripe pawpaw, peel the skin and remove the seeds, cut into pieces and prepare with water, it also cure jaundice. Or get some unripe plantains remove the husk, cut and put inside water take before breakfast in the morning in the evening after meal. Add cafura for preservation.

69. Skull Disease:

This is the disease that affects children in the center of their heads called “oka ori” so, get local white chalk called efun and grind, then mix with salt and prepare with little water and apply or look for yam head, kernel by the road side grind together and put inside palm kernel oil and apply little by little in the center. It’s real.

70. Sickle Cell:

If your child is a sickler, get half a piece of lime orange and half a piece of an orange, get an egg yolk, mix them all. Add a spoonful of honey in the mixture. Give the child to drink, do it on a daily basis. The child would be alright.

With these common home remedies, diseases can be treated with ease ; often with no side effects and with little or no financial involvement.




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