Best Fitness Centres in New Orleans, LA, United States

Best Fitness Centres in New Orleans, LA, United States…

I know a lot of persons desire to get fit again having lost their “perfect body” to unwanted calories. Here is an ultimate guide to working out if you reside or kinda find yourself in New Orleans.

We will show you the fitness centre close to you, so you can get rid of those fats and be fit.

10 Best Fitness Centers in New Orleans, United States

Best Fitness Centres in New Orleans, LA, United States

  1. CrossFit NOLA

This is renowned as the first crossFit training facility situated at 8422 Burthe St New Orleans, with exceptional training personnel and state of the art equipment for facilitating functional movement and teaching. Safe and highly effective training for all ages and levels of fitness are available. This is not just about an everyday workout  program, but it is designed as a sport in itself and you have the opportunity to learn about who you are at your first few sessions, both mentally and physically.

This Great fitness centers in New Orleans has a custom of weakness exposure in the proven athletes because uncorrected weakness has a variety of consequences. For some people it may only peg their potential ultimately; for some other people it may limit their functionality at old age; and for the military and paramilitary personnel, the risk of lives may set in. This top fitness center in New Orleans is out to correct these weaknesses quickly.

This top fitness centers in New Orleans operates outside the conventional system where the best clients pay for a year membership and only show up like three times and never return until it is time for membership renewal. The aim of CrossFit is to help you get into shapes that improve daily. You are assured of professional coaching on each and every visit to ascertain that you are safely performing movements in an efficient manner.

The coaching teams are well experienced and are extremely dedicated to functional fitness. The coaches include Liz Carrier who competed in several weightlifting competition with several accolades. Bradon Ecker, who loves playing football and volleyball. Other members if the coaching team are Demian Reed, Julie April, Ryne Sullivan, Phil Guillot, Eric McDonald, Brad Raines, Jackson Wiggins, Allison Vertovec, Nick Dondzilla, Bowen Dennis, Chad Becnel, clinger Robinson and Sarah Jane Hawley.

All fitness program must be assessed based on these three criteria

  • safety: the ability to prevent and avoid injuries while undertaking the program and in other activities
  • effectiveness: the result obtained
  • Efficiency: how quick to achieve the desired result.

You are expected to measure to measure this top fitness center by those standards and the guarantee is that this gym center will be top amongst the others.

Jennifer B in Her testimony of the service obtainable at the gym says she loves the services she got at only $10 a month while Amanda C says things run smoothly and the good customer service from staff.

Phone number: (504)-861-0610

Business Website:

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2. CrossFit Roux

One of the best fitness centers is located at 3511 River Rd Ste D-Jefferson, specializes in fitness for all ages irrespective of their gender, size, and fitness level. It is located centrally in greater metropolitan New Orleans, off the Mississippi River which provides breezes. The Gym is equipped with top of the art equipment which is a source of strength, mobility training, endurance development and rehabilitation exercises.

At the best fitness center in New Orleans, making fitness a part of your life is their priority. This great fitness center believes so much that the key to fitness forever is equivalent to the program design, the coaches as well as motivating and inspirational community. The program here has been developed by the amazing coaching teams that are well versed in knowledge and experience. The program is highly designed to build healthy, happy, well-rounded and fit athletes.

This top fitness center is located in a community that is tightly knitted which motivates you to reach your fitness goals as well as other personal goals set for yourself. This allows you as a member to lean on one another as we aspire to make it out of the tough times both inside and outside the gym. No feelings can be compared with the one you get after your body has been pushed to the self-perceived limit.

The bottom line is, you can never know where you fall until you do it yourself. The first three sessions offer by this top fitness center are free- so you have nothing to lose.

Kristin Mann in her submission as one of the members of the gym says that she has noticed some good changes in her body and health. Her blood sugar level has become highly controlled despite being diabetics that doctors felt that she does not need medication henceforth for regulating her blood sugar level. Celeste Haar and her husband have been able to successfully improve their energy level via their working out in the gym.

The coaching team who are the best in the industry include Bradley Schneller who also doubles as the founder, is known for his passion for sport who discover his personal fitness level which makes him happier in training other people to become happy, strong and healthy. Other members of the coaching team include Kevin Kern, Jonathan Burke, Missy Kurian, Bob Pierce, Emily Schneller, Kelsey Loup and Shane Bohrer  who all work together to make you attain a healthy, happier life.

Phone number: (504) 258-8452

Business website

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3. Prime Fitness RX

Prime Fitness RX is one of the fitness centers in New Orleans. It is located at 607 Julia St
New Orleans, LA 70130 Warehouse District. Through several years of experience, courses were undertaken and certification obtained by the owners and the member of staff. Prime fitness has gained the necessary expertise to prescribe your exercise plan that is formulated to get the best out of your body this great fitness center believe in the entire process to get your body from where it is to where you desire it to be.

This best New Orleans gym will be with you not just for the hour spent in the gym but for each of the other 23 hours spent outside the gym. Primefitness helps you in planning meals, recovery routines and the supplements that you need to take to get your body there easily. If you desire to enjoy a personal training but you cannot afford the one-on-one expert experience, you can come in for the schedule program of the club instead of your own planned technique to enjoy a 5 minutes short of an hour training combining resistance building, body weight maintenance, suspension, core and cardio training for free.

Magan one of the regular patroniser of the club says that her lifestyle has changed for the better and she feel great. She believes she could not have had her dreams realized without the assistance and guidance from Sacha. Jalin in his comment said he never knew what being normal means but the gym has helped him to achieve the dream to become normal.

Visit the website at or call (504) 402-1996

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4. Anytime Fitness

Anytime fitness is one of the best fitness centers in New Orleans and is located at 125 Robert E. Lee Boulevard New Orleans, LA 70124.

The center offers every member a free and personalized plan for starters when they join. The friendly and professional staff members are trained to help you on your way  to fitness success. Attainment of a healthier lifestyle is more than just subscribing to a gym program.  This great fitness center offers professional training and classes to keep you on track with the right tools. The community you are joining offers you the opportunity to meet people of like minds who are also interested in encouraging you along the way to your dream.

The benefits you stand to enjoy as a member of this gym are state of the art equipment which includes treadmills, stair climbers,  elliptical, exercise cycles, rowing machines, free weights, racks, synergy 360 systems, cable crossover, kettlebells, lateral x trainers and amt cross-trainers. The classes are also designed to care for your lifestyle in areas such as personal training, tanning, Zumba, cardio, body conditioning and yoga classes. Other services offered include 24-hour access with security guaranteed, convenient parking, private showers, private restrooms, wellness programs, health plan discounts,  cardio TVs, and HDTVs.

Visit the  website at or put a call through to (504) 286-7667

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5. Cypress Fitness

Cypress fitness is one of the best New Orleans fitness clubs. This fitness center is located at 625 Celeste St Ste 400 New Orleans, LA 70130.

We provide high-intensity personal and group fitness classes to help you look and perform at your best. The exceptional trainers available at this great fitness center focuses on teaching quality movement and encouraging achievement of your goal so that you be fit at all times. Cypress fitness is known for the provision of life-changing fitness experience.

All classes on offer at this renowned fitness center boast of an expert trainer, dynamic warm up, power development program, core training, cardio training, metabolic conditioning, strength training,stretching and pretty hilarious fitness jokes. The classes are great for body transformation (looking hot), getting lean and toned, strength, endurance, and flexibility, boosting metabolism and burning calories, improved energy levels, exercises named after swamp animals with increased confidence and awesomeness.

This top gym in New Orleans believes in safety, teaching fundamental technique and form, creating a program around clients, modifying exercises to each individual level, providing ease or challenge – as you get better at it, the club make it harder!

Available Benefits

The following benefits are available free:

  • Two elementary sessions to examine exercise technique, goal setting, and nutrition basics
  • Review of Food diary.
  • Personal Trainer Question & Answer
  • Body weight workouts completed when traveling
  • Awesome jams

The Personal Training at Cypress Fitness gives you schedule sessions at your convenience which will allow you follow a program specific to your needs and goals enabling you to clearly see your progress with results tracking while maintaining personal attention to learning proper exercise technique.

The functional strength and rapid fat loss program offered by the fitness center gives you a program that is specific to your goals where you will follow 2-3 times per week depending on your convenience. At the beginning of every month, you will be consulted personally and you will be taken through all movements and requirements. A regular check-up is carried out by your trainer and documentation of your progress is done with each workout. This program option is in between personal training and group classes.

The fitness club review from Eli C. shows that the facility on parade is one of the best in the area with the restrooms having showers while Kendra says that the gym is always clean and is not super crowded.

Phone number (504) 484-9422

Business website

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6. 504 Fitness

504 Fitness is located at 2600 Gravier St New Orleans, LA 70119 is believed to be the gym with the best fitness facility. The fitness center commences operation in 2012 through the effort of a local personal trainer Known as Jake Impastato Jr. Jake is a certified personal trainer who has been very dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness objective.   At 504 fitness you stand to enjoy personal training, cardiovascular equipment, boot camps, nautilus selectorized circuit machines, also enjoying exceptional free weight facilities.

The great fitness center also has daily lockers that are available to be used with your own lock. There are Beautiful, adorable and clean showers in the dressing area for those who will be going to work after their workout.  The best fitness center in New Orleans also services all your needs regardless of the level of your fitness. The best fitness center in New Orleans also caters for client needs in weight loss program, toning, strength training, body building and power lifting. Free street parking is available free next to the facility for the convenience of your client.

The gym is well located as it resides in the same space as where the Falstaff beer was brewed. The location takes you back down the memory lane to a period when New Orleans thrives with industry. The staff at this wonderful fitness center is friendly and is extremely willing to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. You stand a good chance to have a great workout while hanging out with friends or you can just take a sit and relax with protein drinks or fresh coffee. Wide arrays of protein supplements and clothing are available at the pro shop of the fitness center.

Healthy food option is also made available after your work out. All your needs are adequately catered for, whether your objective is to lose weight or to gain muscle or yours is just to eat clean; we take good care of your nutritional needs too.

Business website

Phone Number (504) 373-6611


7. Triumph Krav Maga

Triumph Krav Maga is a fitness center in New Orleans that won the 2015 krav maga worldwide school of the year. It is located 2901 General De Gaulle Dr. Ste 201 New Orleans, LA 70114. This excellent fitness center offers a survival system that deals with personal safety issues as the center is considered as a training field for modern and highly refined street fighting system that is designed to be used against attackers that are armed and unarmed.

Krav Marga was developed in a hostile environment as a non-traditional martial art in which the combatant would have to devote several hours to Hand-to-hand combat training. The system of the art was created to get the student to a very high level of proficiency within a short period of time. There are no rules, forms (katas) or set combination as the best way to react to attacks. Instead, the training focuses on the teaching of  techniques that are specifically designed for self-protection to real life attack situations. The training focuses so much on the ability to react to surprises.

The Yoga classes advantages offered at Triumph Krav Maga include bolsters stamina, strength, and flexibility, improves your ability to focus, a great way to release tension and anxiety, helps a person maintain proper posture, tones your body well, a good way to remove bodily toxins through sweat, serves as a great training for athletes, helps improve a person’s performance in certain sports like Cycling, Golf, football, and swimming.

The chief instructor who is also a black belt holder Vinay Chary doubles as the owner. He hails from Buffalo, New York as one of the many New Orleans Transplant. His experience in martial art exceeds 15 years as a specialist in Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Aikido before training in Krav Maga. Darren Levin, one of the chief instructors believes that the school is a type the Imi would have loved to visit.

Training School Curriculum

The typical curriculum of the school is of three levels which include:

LEVEL 1 include Review: Straight Punches, Heel Strikes, Eye/Throat Strikes, Recognition Drills, and Headlock from the Side

LEVEL 2 gives an in-depth practical exposure to Review of Straight Punches, Review: Choke from Front, Mounted, Trap & Roll, Choke while Mounted, Standing (2-hand Pluck), Headlock/Close Choke while mounted and Kick Off from Guard

LEVEL 3 is designed to cater for Pummeling, Focus Mitt Combinations, Defense vs. 2-Hand Head Control, and Review of Bearhug from Behind (Leverage on Finger),  Choke from Behind, Bearhug, Behind and Full Nelson, Standing (Leverage on Finger)

Terry St. Germain an NOPD officer in his review says the fitness center staff will make you feel like a family and he cannot even describe the greatness of the fitness center, the program and the atmosphere with words.

If you are interested in taking advantage of what Krav maga you can reach them on Phone number (504) 324-5705 and can look them


 8. Le Boxeur Gym

Le Boxeur Gym is one of the best fitness centers that New Orleans has to offer. The gym is located at 1441 N Claiborne Ave New Orleans, LA 70116.

A typical workout last for about an hour and it is designed to burn about 500 calories. The target is to achieve an elevated heart rate for an hour of high to moderate intensity. The classes are divided into three parts.

Cardio– the first 20 minutes is dedicated to warm up and other cardio exercises to improve your endurance.

Mitts: accounts for about 20-30 minutes. It is a one to one trainer with a trainer on how to punch correctly and improving your balance and mobility.

Abs: the last 10-20 minutes is for core workout which strengthens the abs and lowers back including a 5 minutes stretch and cools down.

The head trainer of the Gym is Fred Kassi, who has been a professional boxer for 7 years holding records in the heavyweight division of 18-2 with 9 knockouts. He is amongst the top 200 heavyweights worldwide and currently holds Louisiana State title. He owes his success to conditioning, technical skills and foot speed. Coach Chaz Aguilar is in charge of youth/ amateur program. He is great and dedicated as he cares for kids. Matt Nussbaum is the co-manager of the gym, he assists Fred in the training of client’s personal fitness and nutrition.

Eileen Campbell in her review says that Fred can offer training anyone at all levels to become a better boxer fast. Lori Wood says Fred is awesome and he trains both your body and mind and she is even recommending training with him for all while Philip Wood that Fred wiped her into shape.

You can contact Le Boxeur Gym on (504) 704-9753 or pay a visit to their website at  to learn more.


9. Big Easy Crossfit

Big Easy Crossfit is a great fitness center in New Orleans Located at 2401 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70130.

This fitness center  encourages high-intensity movement for the body as a whole which strengthens the muscle every day with workouts that are focused  on your fitness. Every one hour class entails a warm-up, working out and mobility work for flexibility and strength. The benefit of crossFit is for all whether young or old and the fit or the unfit.

You stand a chance of completing each workout at your own pace; you will not sacrifice form for repetition. The only competition at crossFit is set against your personal record as you are enabled to do your best as fast as you can. The community extends beyond the gym doors and so does our commitment to being the best you can be. Joining CrossFit will enable you to push yourself and enable you to accomplish what you never imagine could be possible and encourage you to come back and repeat it again the following day.

Zack DiBenedetto who doubles as the owner and head coach as competed in different competitions in Louisiana and Texas. Porter Nellans is the assistant coach, Andy Abele is a coach with a doctor of chiropractic certificate obtained in 2005. Paul Gunawan is the assistant coach.

The prices are highly affordable with 8 classes going for $115, 12 classes for $15, unlimited classes for $165 and drop-ins going for either $20/day or $60/week.

Geoffrey O. in his review sees the gym as an integrated crossFit with an interior design that shows life and the culture of New Orleans while Lisa I. feels great about being welcomed immediately by the existing membership.

Phone Number (504) 407-0834

Business website


10.  Reily Student Recreation Center

Reily Student Recreation center is located at Tulane University McAlister Dr. New Orleans, LA 70118.

The fitness program of the Tulane campus is designed to meet the needs of all the members of the community. It is powered by music, motivating instructors, challenging exercises and group classes that are designed to make you attain your goals in fitness easily through fun and energizing workout. Specialty fitness of the center is designed for those who are interested in improving their health, wellness with a calm mind and reduced tension. The group exercise classes offer 40 free group exercise classes each week as part of your membership. You jump, step, run, reach and lift yourself to improve your health as a result of more than 30 different classes on offer to choose from.some of the popular classes include boot camp, Zumba, powercircuit and absolutely Abs.

The youth and children are adequately catered for as the center offer aquatic programs for a swim lesson, taekwondo (little dragons) for children between the ages of 4-6, taekwondo for the family class designed for 7years and older. Tennis lessons are also available for all ages of children in the center

The center  also offers a free health assessment every Tuesday between the hours of5-7pm at the Reily Atrium. The assessment includes height, BMI, weight, body fat percentage, trunk lift measurements, and basal metabolic rate. This service is powered by the medical school students of Tulane.

The staff list include Kathlyn Broussard (Director), Erin Goodrow (Associate Director, Business Operations),              Michele Garon (Assistant Director, Business Operation), Chase Guillory (Assistant Director, Marketing & Social Media),Tex Bruce, Jr. (Systems Specialist, Technology), Hillary Scholl (Project Assistant, Business Operations), Dominique Ennis (Associate Director, Facilities),Tim Phillips (Assistant Director, Facilities), Alicia Domangue(Assistant Director, Informal Recreation), Michelle Riley Mirpuri (Associate Director, Programs), Hannah Stiller(Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness),Derick Bugg (Assistant Director, Intramural Sport), Ilana Obuchowski (Assistant Director, Club Sports)Kristyn Watts(Assistant Director, Aquatics).

Phone number (504) 865-5431

Business website

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