Awareness Programme for Cancer in Nigeria

Awareness Programme for Cancer in Nigeria…

Cancer is an abnormal, and uncontrollable division of cell that leads to destruction of the body.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Africa, and surrounding country. Nigeria has the highest number of cases in Africa. Different things has led to the increment in the number of cases recorded yearly.

This includes Tobacco use, obesity, poor diet, and infections like Hepatitis A,and B. Other causes Involve inherited genetic defect.

In fact Nigeria records 10,000 cancer death annually, and 250,000 cases annually. Judging by this you would agree that cancer is a serious problem especially for women and for some men as per report from cancer index in Nigeria.

This has led to several awareness plans made to at least inform so many about this deadly disease. Many who have died from this diseases are either unaware or became aware much too late.

There are many awareness programs that has been organised in Nigeria either individually, by a group or even directly by the world health organization (WHO). We will be discussing some of this measures and how they have benefited the recipients.

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As specified by WHO,  awareness is the first step to curbing and reducing the effect of cancer on humans especially in Nigeria.The founder of Breast Cancer Association in her statement identified that the best way to reduce the effect of cancer both in men and women is to at first talk about it. Keeping silent about it kills more than expected.

This make up one of the awareness program organized in Nigeria. So many other groups have been founded, and this has really help in reducing the effect of this diseases.

Most state governments have also made moves to help reduce the effect and causes of cancer. The Lagos state government recently organized and sponsored free screening check for women to detect those with this deadly diseases.

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One cannot but appreciate this step as many keep living daily without taking time to check if anything is changing around them. You may have seen or heard about people using local medicine and procedure to care for such sickness and this in itself kills almost all using this process.

But with this test most that are not aware that they are already affected by this disease came to that realization, and they start receiving the proper treatments immediately. And that is one sound benefit of such scheme.

One other awareness program that has been done in Nigeria is the distribution of free medicines for newly infected ones. This has been seen as the only way to at least reduce the effect of cancer.

Most that are infected could always say they do not have the needed and expected fund to treat themselves, but with the help with drugs, those ones can easily be taking care of, and thereby reducing the death rate.

Another cancer awareness program in Nigeria deals with development of online websites that inform Nigerians about what they need to do immediately they see some signs.

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One of the popular websites is cancer aware organization.This website provides,and presents infected ones with the best daily routine they can follow, they have an active forum where you can always go and ask questions, they also have segments that talk about the early signs and symptoms of this deadly diseases that has killed many, especially women.

They organize free cancer screening programs for women most recently in Lagos, Nigeria. They try as much as possible to help everyone see that there is hope for those that are infected with these diseases.

Amongst what they do is organizing workshops, scheduling of infected one to work for the environment. The benefit of this is obvious, seeing clearly that you are not the only affected person, and also seeing that others are happy although infected will revive their hope and always help reduce anxiety that may have resulted from that.

There are also social media platforms that have been created for the sole reason of keeping affected one aware of latest medicine discoveries; quick tips on how to take care of themselves, information about the preventive measures are also being discussed. This social media helps unite, and inform infected ones.

The Government of Nigeria has also tried in helping reduce the effect of breast cancer on Nigerians. One cannot but appreciate the entire scheme set in place from time to time to check such sickness.

Free screening are being organized in different part of the country especially areas where most might not be informed about this diseases.

Distribution of expensive yet needed medicine, giving of intensive needed talks and educative materials to people both infected and none infected has kept people aware of this sickness.

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Others awareness programs for cancer in Nigeria includes:


Children living with cancer foundation have kept parents of infected children aware of the needed steps to take at the early stage since the sickness kill children very early. One of these foundations was established in 2002 to crater for the need of children carrying this sickness.


Mama Cancer society is one otherNigerian cancer awareness group that has kept especially women informed of the sickness, and the most feasible cure they could receive. This group was founded in 1999 to raise funds to mobilize needed resources for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research, and support for infected ones.


Ego Bekee cancer foundation a non profitableorganization which was founded in 2006. They greatly involve in advocacy, and supports of people living with cancer in Nigeria.


The Nigerian Cancer Societyfounded in 1968 has also been assisting in development of facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They also help with facilities used foreducating the public about this problem, and those used for researches nationwide.


Society of Oncology and Cancer Research in Nigeria (SOCRON) which was founded in 2006 has help in facilitating research, trainings, and continuing professional development opportunities for health care providers in Nigeria.

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These are some of the notable Cancer awareness programs in Nigeria that has been organized for the sole aim of keeping individuals, communities, and the nation is being informed about these diseases.

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